Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hair service

    Hair service

    * How much hair do I need?
    Approximately 2 bundles of hair for shorter lengths 12- 18 inches. It’s recommended you use 3 bundles for longer lengths
    * How long does a sew in last?
    It can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks
    * How long does a frontal/ closure last?
    Anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks with maintenance
    * How often does a frontal need to be maintenance?
    BeautyQueen has specialized a technique to extend the time between maintenance. Maintenance is needed within 3 to 4 weeks with glue. And 5 to 6 weeks with glueless.
    * What’s the difference between glue and glueless frontal install?
    With a frontal install using glue, glue and or tape is used to hold the frontal down. The clients natural hair is protected. Glue is never applied to clients hair. Glue Installs last 3- 4 weeks. A glueless frontal install consists of completely sewing down the frontal. This method can last longer than 6 weeks depending on how fast the hair grows. A consultation is need to see which method best fits you.
    * Are the closures held down with glue?
    No, I do not use glue for closures.
    * How long does it take?
    Because Frontals are very tedious and time it taking to ensure the hair is installed right, it can take 4 to 5 hours to complete a frontal install. A traditional and closure install should not take more than 3 hours.
    * Do I pay extra to have the Frontals customized?
    No, customization of the Frontals, closures, lace wigs, and custom units are all included with the price.
    * How much time do I need to give for a color service?
    Your hair must be dropped or I must be told 48 hours prior to your appointment
    * Do I need to purchase hair dye?
    No, hair dye is included in the color service.

  • Hair purchasing

    Hair purchasing

    * How long will it take to receive my hair?
    If you not picking it up or getting it delivered, it take the normal standard time for shipping 4-7 business days after payment clearance.
    * How long does the hair last?
    This hair can last 6 months to a year even longer if it’s taken care of
    * Can I color or bleach this hair?
    This hair is 100% virgins hair and can be colored and lifted. It is recommended to have someone professionally color the hair to prevent damaging it.
    * What type of shampoo should I use on the hair?
    Use a shampoo no higher than a ph7 and sulfate free shampoos. Do not blow dry let air dry when possible.