Hair Services Policy

* Arrive to appointments on time, after 15 minutes the appointment will be canceled
* Do not bring extra people to your appointment. No kids No boyfriends
* Deposits are non- refundable only if cancellation is a result from the beautyqueen
* Deposits are due at the time of booking appointment will be cancelled if deposit is not made.
* Hair has to be shampooed, clean, dried and combed out at the time of your appointment.
* Pre used bundles has to be cleaned, dried and free of old thread prior to appointment.
* Purchased hair is non refundable. Hair is carefully inspected and hand picked by the Beautyqueen. It is highly recommended to inspect the hair prior to installation. If hair is not suitable before installing you can send the hair back for an exchange.
* For hair coloring service your hair must have hair dropped of or requested 48 hours prior to your appointment.
* Hair services are non refundable. Pictures of BeautyQueens work is presented to you, because you tried it and it doesn’t look good on “you” doesn’t permit a refund. BeautyQueen delivers beauty to all her client so you you would have that problem.